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You can find many “industrial” painting & mechanical contractors via google, bing, & the host of other web searches.  What separates the hordes from each other?


Here’s a few questions you as the owner, engineer, or customer can consider:

Do they have a safety program?

Are they insured?

Do they train their staff & personnel?

Do they have case histories?

Do they carry any certifications?

Can all of these questions and criteria be met??????????????


Superior Industrial has you & your organization taken care of in a safe & productive manner.


Superior Industrial Maintenance Company is a safety first organization with training in all facets of crafts for our staff and employees. We are a licensed & insured contractor in 20+ states.  We are certified through SSPC with QP1, QP2, QP3, & QS1… a distinction we hold with only four other peers in the world.  We can over case histories with 20+ years in Power, Petro Chemical, Water, and Military/Government Market Segments.

We offer turn-key coatings and mechanical services with specialties plural applications, fire-proofing, & trowel applied coatings.  We have 15 plus NACE Certified employees that offer a wide range of experience in corrosion control.  We have an Asset Management Program for Owner’s & Maintenance Supervisors that helps identify and build coatings systems & strategies to tackle the toughest environments.


Please contact us at 704-795-0001 or on our Website