Utility & Power Generation

Utility & Power Generation

Utility & Power generation providers have some of the most rigorous safety and contactor performance standards.
As an SSPC QP1, QP2, QP3, QP8, and QS1 certified contractor, Superior Industrial has a proven and successful track record for over 30 years, performing some of the most demanding projects in the power market. Some of our current and previous jobs include complete mechanical and coatings rehabilitation of large hydroelectric dam gates, coal bunker repairs, relining systems, absorber abrasive blasting, concrete restoration, containment linings, trowel applied tank linings, and critical asset surveys for maintenance programs, including API 653 tank inspections and repairs.

Asset Management Surveys

We conduct comprehensive asset management surveys to assess condition, performance, and compliance, providing actionable insights to extend the life of your valuable infrastructure.

Concrete Repair

No crack is too small. We repair and seal concrete structures, extending their lifespan and safeguarding your assets from further deterioration.

Site Safety Services

Safety is our top priority, and our site safety services are designed to create a secure work environment for all stakeholders. From conducting thorough risk assessments to implementing robust safety measures, we work closely with your team to mitigate hazards and ensure compliance with industry regulations. We commit to maintaining the highest safety standards on every job site.

Structural Steel Coatings and Tank Linings

Superior Industrial can address all your coatings and linings needs whether you need a complex containment system for a field-applied spray-on coating or a simple “roll and brush” maintenance project of basic facility areas.

Numerous Blast Media Options

Our industrial abrasive blasting services offer various blast media options tailored to diverse surface preparation needs. Superior will recommend the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly blast media based on the surface preparation requirements needed.

Dry Ice Blasting & High-Pressure Water Blasting

We offer cutting-edge dry ice blasting and high-pressure water blasting services for efficient, eco-friendly surface cleaning and preparation. With the power to remove tough coatings, grime, and contaminants without damaging underlying surfaces, these advanced techniques deliver superior results while minimizing downtime.

Industry Certifications